Food Trivia for Kids : Food Trivia Quizzes

Here are some of the most interesting food trivia for kids. All these kids trivia questions answers and quizzes on food will entertain and help every kid to learn about various fruits, vegetables, spices and other foods.

Food Trivia for Kids by mesunanda

Let's Start.

Q. 1 Which of the following is both treated as fruit and vegetable?

A. Broccoli
B. Tomato

Q. 2 What is the name of this fruit you can see in the image?

A. Apple
B. Jagua

Q. 3 Ghee, an ingredient used in India for cooking is a-

A. Curry
B. Clarified Butter

Q. 4 Which of the following fruit have its seeds on its body (which is visible)?

A. Strawberry
B. Apple
C. Banana

Q. 5 The fruit you are seeing in the image is called-

A. Pear
B. Banana

Q. 6 Which is the world’s most costly spice?

A. Cardamom
B. Saffron

Q. 7 The fruit you can see in the image is called-

A. Cherry
B. Banana

Q. 8 Which country is renowned for chocolate?

A. Brazil
B. Belgium
C. America
D. France

Q. 9 Yoghurt is a dairy product made from-

A. Milk
B. Nuts

Q. 10 This fruit is called as-

A. Pear
B. Grapes

Q. 11 Which of the following product is made from milk?

A. Nuts
B. Yoghurt

Q. 12 What is the name of this fruit?

A. Orange
B. Coconut

Q. 13 The green version of a banana called as-

A. Celery
B. Plantain

Q. 14 The fruit you can see in the picture is called-

A. Pear
B. Mango

Q. 15 Macdonald’s founded in which year?

A. 1944
B. 1955

Q. 16 The fruit in the picture is called-

A. Pineapple
B. Peach

Q. 17 This fruit in the picture is called-

A. Strawberry
B. Plum

Q. 18 Identify the fruit.

A. Wax Apple
B. Watermelon