List of Authentic Resources about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

According to official reports the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has spread globally.

The outbreak is begun in Wuhan, China. It is believed that the virus has begun spreading from poultry and seafood market in Wuhan.

Scientists believe that the virus is spreading person to person.

List of Authentic Resources about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Being a yoga enthusiast it is my duty to help you find the right information related to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) with some general tips to protect your body from common colds and flues.

First I will share with you some link where you will find all information related to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

1. Know about Coronavirus:

2. For latest updates related to coronavirus follow this link:
Also you can follow the official twitter account of WHO.

3. If you travelling for work then here is link that can help you:

4. Basic advice for public here:

5. To know about Researches on Coronavirus disease check here:

Here also I am sharing with some common tips to prevent Infection from Viruses and to Boost Immunity. These tips will help you to minimize the chances to get infected from common seasonal flues and viruses.

  • 1. Stay well hydrated.
  • 2. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits on a daily basis.
  • 3. Eat lots of vitamin C rich foods.
  • 4. Eat Anti-Viral Food like; Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Peanuts, Grapes, Berries, Dark Chocolate, Embolic (Indian Gooseberry), Lemon, Basil Leafs.
  • 5. Wash your hands with soap and water, and alcohol-based hand sanitizer before eating or after using toilets.
  • 6. Stay away from person who is infected.
  • 7. Use a good quality face mask.

  • basic protection against viruses

    Note: I will suggest all my readers to know more about coronavirus (COVID-19) you should read from the official website of World Health Organization (WHO): .


    1. Useful post with informative resources.

    2. No masks available, but Hubby has to go on "holiday" the next two weeks.

      1. I understand. We are going through a tough situation.