Quiz for Kids : General Knowledge (GK) Questions Answers for Kids

Quiz for Kids

We care for our kids. That's why parents in their free time test their child’s knowledge about various things. Here are some of the basic and most interesting gk trivia quizzes for kids that cover questions from general science, math, biology, physics, environment and all about human beings. I hope it will help your kids to practice and brush up their general knowledge.

1. What is the result of 2 + 2?

Answer: 4

2. What is the result of 8 – 4?

Answer: 4

3. What is the result of 3 x 5?

Answer: 15

4. What is the result of 10 / 5?

Answer: 2

5. How many days we have in a week?

Answer: 7

6. How many days we have in a year?

Answer: 365

7. How many months we have in a year?

Answer: 12

8. We use our nose to - Breath / Smell / Eat?

Answer: Breath and Smell

9. We use our eyes to – see /speak / eat?

Answer: See

10. Which of the following is eatable – Toy / Fish / House / Rock?

Answer: Fish

11. Which day comes after Monday?

Answer: Tuesday

12. Which day comes after Saturday?

Answer: Sunday

13. How many colors are in a rainbow?

Answer: 7

14. Which is/are the upper part of human body – Head / Neck / Legs/ Feets?

Answer: Head and Neck

15. Which organ helps to hear sounds?

Answer: Ear

16. What part in your mouth helps to cut and crush food?

Answer: Teeth

17. Our tongue is inside our – mouth / hand / belly / leg?

Answer: Mouth

18. Why we need to cut our nails?

Answer: To get rid of bacteria and germs.

19. Which is the biggest animal – Elephant / dog / snake?

Answer: Elephant

20. Peafowl is a tree / bird / rock / river?

Answer: Bird

21. Which of the following is a wild animal – tiger / cow / goat?

Answer: Tiger

22. Tired people need-

Answer: Rest and Sleep

23. Thirsty people need-

Answer: water

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