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A very beautiful day with my loved ones

i am sunanda at deulti resort

Nirala, a beautiful resort near Deulti, Howrah full of greenery, park, playground, flowers, trees, swimming pool, kids and lots of eye catching moments. I am just thinking about capturing the whole moment with my camera but at last decided to bring those moments within inside me, inside my heart.

Watching more..

After reaching the resort finally decided to put the luggage and to get fresh. I already know that this place is full of greenery and so much naturism so I was quite sure there would be so much eye soothing places to visit.

Started with the Sarat Chandra Bandopadhaya’s House, it is just feeling awesome. The renowned Bengali poet Sarat Chandra Bandopadhaya’s Own House, his rooms, his garden and where he used to write. This is one of the most pleasant places I have ever seen.

After staying for half an hour we started walking towards Subarnarekha river. There is a huge land area beside Subarnarekharekha river where lots of vegetables are cultivated. People are doing picnics with friends. Finally we reached at the ghat of the river. Where boats are arranged to help people passing the river and reached the other side of it.

It was an memorable journey for me. We returned at the resort at 2pm and after completing the lunch we returned for our home.

You can book for picnic from their website here.


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